Micro-Current Point Stimulation (MPS) Applied to C-Section Scars

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three out of ten women undergo Caesarean deliveries every year. Although vaginal delivery is still the most preferred method, C-Section may be necessary due to existing maternal conditions or complications anytime during the pregnancy or childbirth. While C-section carries a number of [...]

How does Direct Current (DC) Micro-Current Point Stimulation (MPS) Work?

Direct current (DC) micro-current point stimulation (MPS) is an innovative and latest modality of electro-acupunture where low-amplitude electric current is applied to certain pressure points for therapeutic purposes. DC micro-current therapies using low-amplitude DC current (80 μA to <1mA) have offered significant results in terms of reduction in chronic musculoskeletal pain. [...]