Dolphin Neurostim Features


  1. Metal Tip: Press gently against skin to administer microcurrent.
  2. Treatment Button: Press to activate microcurrent stimulation.
  3. On/Off Switch and Intensity Dial: Scroll up or down to turn on, or increase/decrease the intensity of the stimulation.
  4. Battery Test Button: With unit on, pressing this button indicates battery strength. If light does not illuminate brightly, replace battery.
  5. Indicator Light: This light is activated when the Dolphin Neurostim™ OTC unit is switched on. Light flickers off when point has been located.
  6. Ground Plate: Thumb or finger must be in contact with the plate when locating or stimulating points.
  7. Sensitivity Adjustment: Increases point location.
  8. Polarity Switch: Tonify (+), Disperse (-), Biphasic (+/-)
  9. Battery Compartment: The Dolphin Neurostim™ OTC is optimally powered by Duracell 9V.